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Suborder Olenina
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Here are representative Olenina:

Balbibarbus Olenus Leptoplastus Peltura Triarthrus

Compare the pictorial format above with the descriptive narrative below:

Suborder Olenina
Cephalon: with narrow border, opisthoparian sutures (exceptionally proparian), genal angle rounded or spined, glabella tapering forward with simple, sigmoid, or bifurcate furrows (furrows absent in some forms); librigenae yoked (fused by a narrow strip of cephalic doublure), or rarely, separated by anterior median suture; eyes small to medium, usually with distinct eye ridges.
Thorax: 9-24 segments.
Pygidium: micropygous to subisopygous, with or without marginal spines.
Other: typically with extremely thin cuticle.
Family: Olenidae (subfamilies Leptoplastinae, Oleninae, Triarthrinae, Pelturinae).
Representative Genera: Angelina, Bienvillia, Ctenopyge, Jujuyaspis, Leptoplastus, Olenus, Parabolina, Peltura, Triarthrus, Wujiajiania.

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